Kumbayah Piano Sheet Music Free

This Kumbayah piano sheet music free is written for beginner piano students.  It is a very easy piano arrangement which has the letter names written in for both the right and left hands.kumbayah piano sheet music

Notice that the right hand has a tied half note from measure 2 to 3 and again from 4 to 5.  This pattern repeats in the right hand throughout the piece.

Be sure to listen to the MIDI recording at the bottom of this post first and then play along your right hand with the MIDI until you can play it smoothly.  After you repeat this with your left hand you are well on your way to success!

Kumbayah Piano Sheet Music Free

Kumbayah Piano Sheet Music is easy to learn.  Many arrangements on the internet are labeled ‘easy piano’ and are actually intermediate level or above. 

This arrangement of Kumbayah piano sheet music is definitely  ‘easy piano’ even including the note names written within the piece.

This piece is written in the time signature of 4/4.  Look at the first measure in the right hand.  There are only two quarter notes which are called “pick up notes”.  When counting these pick up notes they would be counted on the third and fourth beats.

The piece is written in the key of C Major.  There are no sharps or flats in this folk song.

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