Learning Left Hand C D E Piano

This piano finger exercise focuses on learning left hand C D E piano with a  pattern in the bass clef.  To place your left hand in the correct position on the piano keyboard place your left hand 5th finger (pinky) on Bass C, which is the first C below Middle C.

Piano Finger Exercises

Piano finger exercises like these help develop not only note naming agility but also strengthen piano fingers for playing chords later in your piano study.

Learning Left Hand C D E Piano

Note these tips in playing this finger exercise on left hand C D E:

1.  Make sure that learning left hand C D E on piano places its 5th finger (or pinky finger) on the first C below Middle C.  This is referred to as Bass C.

2.  Once you have placed your left hand 5th finger on Bass C you will be in the C position.  You will only be using finger numbers 5, 4 and 3 for this particular finger exercise.learning left hand C D E piano

3.  It is very important to SAY THE LETTER NAMES ONLY as you play this piano finger exercise so that you do not confuse the finger numbers with the counting.

4.  Remember to keep a good hand position throughout this piano finger exercise by playing on the tips (and not the finger pads) of each of your 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers.

The left hand will offer a bit more of a challenge when playing this finger exercise, especially if you are right handed.

Even if you are left handed the left hand fingers will take a while longer to train properly for piano study because they normally are only used to grasp objects and are not called upon to work independently for a duration of much time.

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