Left Hand Piano Exercise Builds Strength

This left hand  piano exercise builds strength focuses on the left hand C D E pattern in the bass clef.

Left Hand Piano Exercise Builds StrengthThis exercise helps build the strength of the left hand 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers.  This will create more ease and power in playing chords, scales and intermediate level ability.

Left Hand Piano Exercise Builds Strength

Piano exercises like these help develop note naming skills. They also strengthen the left hand piano fingers . considerably for playing chords later in your piano study.

Learning Left Hand C, D, E

Learning left hand C, D,  E  will significantly increase your finger strength in the 3rd, 4th and 5th left hand finger.  It will also help you memorize the C D E sequence with the left hand fingers.


This is important because the left hand is playing C D E with different fingers that the right hand in the C Major Position.

Play this exercise 5 times daily hands separately then together for quick progress in hands together coordination.

Bonus Practice Tip: After learning this exercise in the given position, move both hands into the d position, e position, f position and so on and follow the same exercise.  This make you more comfortable with hand positions in different areas for later more advanced piano pieces.

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