Left Hand Piano Finger Exercise C, D, E, F and G

Left Hand Piano Finger Exercise C, D, E, F and G on Piano in the Bass C position is easy to learn.  It is great for building left hand finger piano strength.

Stop struggling with your left hand and use this exercise to see visible results in just a week.

Play this fun and easy finger exercise at least  five times daily your first month for maximum results.

If you need a quick review on basic music note values take the time right now to refresh.

Left Hand Piano Finger Exercise

Be sure to use your piano or keyboard as your desktop or table top to practice upLeft Hand Piano Finger Exerciseon.  Simply play this left hand piano finger exercise moving each finger as indicated on the sheet music.  Simply click on the link below the video tutorial to access the free sheet music.

Then look at the music and say the letter name each time you play a different note.  This will reinforce the sequence of letter names C, D, E, F and G both moving forward and moving backward.

Piano Finger Exercise

This piano finger exercise is a composition designed primarily for the purpose of exercising all one’s fingers. A typical example of a more intermediate level piano finger exercise would be those written by Hanon.

However, as a beginner piano student please take advantage of the piano video tutorial and free sheet music below to begin your piano technique development.

All that is needed to truly exercise one’s fingers is a repeated daily exercise which is simple and easy to play such as the one below.  Be sure that REPETITION rules for you as you begin as you are developing a new pathway in the brain for this combined hand and eye coordination skill set.

The same repetitive rule will hold true for learning any new piano skill set such as a finger exercise, scale or easy piano arrangement.

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