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London Bridge Easy piano sheet music is easy to learn quickly.

The music note names are written in the music example on this page.  These can be copied on the sheet music you print out from the link below.

London Bridge is Falling Down Piano Sheet Music

Be sure to have the free sheet music in front of you as you listen for quicker success in learning this piece.

London Bridge Easy Piano Music Practice Tips

First begin playing along with the London Bridge Easy Piano Music video above with the right hand alone.  Next play the left hand alone followed by hands together for a perfect piano practice recipe.

London Bridge Easy Piano Sheet MusicThis simple arrangement is in the key of C Major.  Use the following piano lesson tips to learn this delightful classic piece:

  1.  Place the fourth finger in the right hand on the first G above Middle C to begin the piece and keep your hand in this position for the duration of the piece.
  2. Place the fifth finger in the left hand on Bass C (first C below Middle C) at the beginning of the piece and use this same hand position for the duration of the piece.
  3. The first measure contains a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note which is a long-short-long rhythm.  Sing along the words with this very well known nursery rhyme to help you use the correct rhythm.