Love Me Tender Easy Piano Sheet Music

Love Me Tender Easy Piano Sheet Music arrangement is a breeze to learn.  Easily print out  Love Me Tender Easy Piano Sheet Music.

Be sure to get a copy in front of you before beginning this page.

Watch the Love Me Tender Easy Piano Video Tutorial:

The advantage to having the piano video tutorial is enormous.  First, view the piano demo playing along as you are able.  Remember that slow hands separate practice will yield results.Love Me Tender Easy Piano

Also, since this document is a pdf file, you can hover at the bottom of the page and click the + sign to make the page and video box larger as it suits your needs.

Love Me Tender Easy Piano Sheet Music

Love Me Tender Easy Piano Sheet Music is for a Level One beginner piano student.  This piece is in the key of F major with one flat in the key signature.  Play B flat every time you see a B in the music score.

Note the very easy repeated pattern in the left hand.  The first note in the left hand is Bass F located 2 octaves (or 2 f’s) below middle C.  The left hand notes on the first line are F, G, C, F.  That pattern is repeated several times in this piece.

Master your left hand and you have it made.  The right hand can play by feel because it should be a somewhat familiar melody.  You may also add pedal to smooth it out by simply pedaling at the beginning of each measure.

Love Me Tender Free Printable Piano Sheet Music

Take a quick look at the Love Me Tender Sheet Music excerpt below.  This will give you an idea of the scope of learning the piece.  It is quite suitable for the 1st year piano student.

love me tender easy piano sheet music

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