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Love Me Tender
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Love Me Tender Simple Piano Music

This easy arrangement of Love Me Tender Simple piano music is easy to learn. It is in the key of F Major with one flat in the key signature.

Love Me Tender Simple Piano Music

Notice that the left hand bass notes are mostly of F, G and C. These are exactly the same notes in both lines one and two.

Love Me Tender is in the key of F Major.  Play with B Flat throughout the entire piece.  The right hand begins in the C Position and stays there until the 3rd and 4th lines.

Love Me Tender Music HistoryLove Me Tender Simple Piano Music

The Love Me Tender music history, originally entitled “Aura Lee”,  was written in 1861 as a civil war song with words by W. W. Fosdick and music by George Poulton.  Elvis Presley performed Love Me Tender on the Ed Sullivan show in September of 1956 to promote the movie with the same title.  The following day over 1 million advanced orders were made for the record, making it a gold record before it was ever released.

Love Me Tender Video Tutorial

The Love Me Tender video tutorial on the left explains the exact music of Love Me Tender seen in the small note version below.

Love Me Tender Simple Piano Music

Enjoy learning to play Love Me Tender Free Printable Piano Music.  Now you are ready to take a look at more piano sheet music that is arranged for the beginner piano student.

Remember to watch the piano video tutorial first.  Then play along with right hand until you are comfortable with it.  Lastly add the left hand.  Following this process is the quickest path to learning each new piece.

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