Major Sharp Scales on Piano Keyboard

Learning the major sharp scales on piano keyboard is really a very logical and simple concept.  The beginning scale for all other major sharp scales in C Major, which is a scale which has no sharps or flats.major sharp scales on piano keyboard

The next sharp scale is located 5 notes above C, which is G.  The G major scale has one sharp.  The next scale is five notes above G which is D.  The D major scale has two sharps.  This pattern continues until there are seven sharps.

Circle of Fifths Diagram in Music

major sharp scales on piano keyboardUsing C Major as the starting point on the circle of fifths diagram in music.   Continue to move to the right and recognize the following major sharp scales include G Major, D Major, A Major, E Major, B Major, F sharp major and C sharp major.

Each time you progress to the right on the circle you are moving up a fifth on the piano and adding one more sharp.  This same progression is used when you move to the left with the exception that the scales moving downward and to the left include the flat key signatures in music.

Major Sharp Scales on Piano Keyboard

7 Major Sharp Scales for Piano Keyboard – Print Here

major sharp scales on piano keyboard

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