Making Your Own Melody on Piano

Making Your Own Melody on Piano

Have fun Making Your Own Melody on Piano.  You can use the notes from a simple C Major Chord (C,E,G). Or by using the G Major Chord (G,B,D) to create your own special song or melody.

You can also use any note in the musical alphabet A,B,C,D,E,F,G to write a simple and beautiful piano melody.  If you are just starting out and do not yet know the names of the notes on the piano get a quick review with this introduction to the piano key notes.

How To Write A Song

Please follow the following 3 Guidelines on how to write music or write a song:

1.  To learn how to write a song for voice or piano keep distances between your melody notes small, preferably either an interval of a 2nd or a 3rd to begin with.  (For more about Intervals of 2nd and 3rd go to Music INTERVAL.)

2. Learning  how to write a song or write a melody is simple as long as you try not to jump around too much.  Create a sequence of notes that move in a continuous upward motion for at least 3 or 4 beats before moving downward again.  Try to make your piano melody or song for voice SINGABLE and you will be fine. If you have trouble singing or playing what you have written, simply go back and lower your highest note.

3.  To write a song for voice or write a piano melody that others will enjoy don’t be afraid to just have fun with this first attempt.  You will know IMMEDIATELY when you try to play your piano melody or sing your song on the piano if you need to go back and make some adjustments.  A good rule of thumb is that the simpler and more repetitive your melody is, the better it is…..Just listen to any pop song you love and count how many times the same phrase is repeated in the entire song…..LOTS!  Repetition is a good thing as long as it is easy to sing or play on the piano.

Write Your Own Piano Melody

Now for the real fun let’s write your own piano melody.  Use the staff ruled area below and pencil in any of the white key notes you have learned thus far.

The bar lines have already been put in. All you need to do is put four beats worth of notes in each measure to create your piano melody.  How can you tell if you have four beats per measure?  Simply remember that a quarter note gets one beat, a half note gets two beats and a whole note gets four beats.

The first few measures have been done for you.

Simply follow the example choosing from the notes of C, D, E, F, G, A or B and then,Voila!  You’ve composed your first piece!

Making Your Own Melody on Piano

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