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Merrily We Roll Along for Easy Piano is for beginner piano students.  Therefore the entire piece is in the C Position and stays there throughout the piece.

Place the right hand thumb on Middle C and the left hand 5th finger on Bass C.

The right hand begins with the third finger on Treble E.   Also the left hand begins with the fifth finger or pinky on Bass C.  Bass C is the first C below Middle C on piano.

1.Merrily We Roll Along Beginner Easy Piano Sheet Music – Print Here

2.Merrily We Roll Along Beginner Easy Piano Sheet Music – Listen Here

Merrily We Roll Along for Easy Piano Practice Tips

Merrily We Roll Along for easy piano practice tips will helpmerrily we roll along easy piano

First play the right hand by itself twice to become familiar with notes. Next be sure to print out the music above before proceeding.

Now play the left hand C major chord with notes C, E and G.  These whole note chords each receive 4 full counts.

Next put both hands together very slowly to begin with.  After playing slowly twice try to pick up the tempo slightly.  If it is still challenging the go back to the slow tempo and stay there for a few days.

Since you have carefully prepared you will be able to pick up tempo even more the next day of practice.

Merrily We Roll Along Song History

Begin with these facts from Wikipedia:

Merrily We Roll Along” is a song written by Charlie TobiasMurray Mencher, and Eddie Cantor in 1935, and used in the Merrie Melodies cartoon Billboard Frolics that same year. It is best known as the theme of Warner Bros.‘ Merrie Melodies cartoon series.

In the 1970s, it was adopted by WGN as the theme music for The Ray Rayner Show, which featured Warner Bros. cartoons. In 1995, it was used as the closing theme of Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries.”

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