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Minuet in G Piano Tutorial and Music Pdf

Minuet in G piano tutorial music pdf links is included in this post. 

The Minuet in G is an all time favorite Baroque Period piano piece originally written for the harpsichord by Pezold.

Early Intermediate Piano Music

Minuet in G Piano Tutorial and Music Pdf

This Level 2B piano piece is for piano students who can read both the treble and bass clef notes on the music staff.  This piece is referred to as an Early Intermediate Level piano piece.


Minuet in G Piano Tutorial and Music Pdf



Piano Practice Suggestions

I created this piano tutorial to give aspiring students the quickest route for success.  Use the following piano practice suggestions to see early results for your efforts.

  • Play along with the tutorial hands separately at the slow tempo several times before attempting to put hands together. 
  • Use the indicated piano fingerings for best results and ease.
  • Hands separate practice is THE KEY to rapid and positive performance experience with the piece.

Print Minuet in G Piano Music

Print Minuet in G Free Piano Music Pdf Click Here



Music History of Minuet in G


The second Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach was started in 1725. It opened with two harpsichord suites composed and written down by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Anna Magdalena Bach likely received the notebook from her husband in the autumn of 1725.  It was a present for either her birthday or their wedding anniversary.

Nos. 3 to 11 in the notebook are keyboard pieces written by Anna Magdalena. No. 3 is a Minuet in F major by an unknown composer (likely not Bach).  This was adopted as No. 113 in the second annex.  This is the annex of doubtful compositions in the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV).

Petzold’s Minuets in G major and G minor BWV are the next two entries in the notebook. These pieces may have been brought back from Dresden by Johann Sebastian when he visited this city in September 1725.

Bach likely intended the simple binary dances contained in Anna Magdalena’s notebooks, including the Minuets entered without composer indication, as teaching material, likely rather for his younger children than for his wife.[12]    

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