Moonlight Melody Easy Piano Sheet Music

Moonlight Melody Easy Piano Sheet Music is an easy piano arrangement written by myself.  This is a very good piece for beginner piano students to learn.  It is different from the Moonlight Sonata and should not be confused with that title.

You will enjoy learning this piece instead because it is much easier to learn and play with a limited piano skill level.

Before you do start learning this piece, take a few minutes to WATCH THE VIDEO above and then come back and read the following instructions.  This will speed up your learning curve tremendously!

Moonlight Melody Easy Piano Sheet Music

This qualifies as an easy piano sheet  music arrangement because it is in the key of C Major.  The hand position does not move away from the C Major hand position.

The left hand F Chord is the first chord played by the left hand in this piece in measure #2.  Even then the left hand 5th finger stays on C and finger #’s 2 and 1 reach up to play F and A.

If you need a quick review of  your music note values such as how many beats a quarter note, half note gets enjoy this page

Moonlight Melody Easy Piano Sheet MusicBeginner Piano Sheet

Notice that the melody in the beginner piano sheet starts out in the right hand and then shifts to the left hand at the end of the second line.  When the melody shifts to the left hand you will need to bring out this melody by playing your left hand notes a little louder and your right hands notes softer.

The Section A and Section B labels show that there are 2 different melodies in this piece.  The first melody (Section A) begins the piece.  The second melody (Section B) comes in the middle of the piece.  Then Section A returns to end the piece. Practice by section making sure to completely learn one section before moving on to another.

Left Hand Blocked Chords

The left hand blocked chords are important to note as well.  Blocked chords (all 3 notes played together) are in the left hand for the first 5 lines.

Left Hand Broken Chords

In the 6th and 7th lines the left hand broken chords are sfrom as a chord broken into individual notes.  Practice the left hand by itself for the first few days for the highest level of success.

Moonlight Melody Easy Piano Sheet Music

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