Mozart Sonata in C Major Piano

Mozart Sonata in C Major Piano

Mozart Sonata in C Major Piano was described by Mozart himself as written for beginners. Furthermore, that is why it has also been referred to as Sonata Facile (Italian for easy sonata).

If you are a beginner piano student you will definitely not want to start out learning this piece first.  It is at least a Level Three in difficulty and should be learned after at least one year of piano study.

The right hand melody is very well known world wide.  You would probably recognize it if you heard it.

C Major Broken Chord Pattern

Most noteworthy, the first line excerpt below the left hand is made up of a C Major broken chord pattern (also known as Alberti Bass). Practice the left hand separately in 4 measure sections for best success.

Please note that both hands are read in the treble clef.  The first measure right hand melody notes outline the notes of the C Major Chord:  C, E and G.

Mozart Sonata in C Major Piano

Piano Practice Tips

1. Listen to the recording Piano Sonata No.16 in C major, K.545 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

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