3 Secrets To Instantly Boost Reading Music

Read Music By Interval Any Instrument

No need to languish over memorizing note names on the music staff.  You are about to learn to read music by interval any instrument. Music Intervals of 2nd and 3rd Reading music intervals of 2nd and 3rd is simple to learn.   The second, also called a 2nd is the smallest distance between 2 notes. […]

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Music Theory Worksheet Intervals

Be sure to print out this music theory worksheet intervals.  Reading music by interval is a valuable skill that will last for a lifetime. Learn here how to recognize the intervals of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and more.  These are the distances between notes and assist greatly in reading music on any instrument. Learning […]

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Grand Staff Interval Piece Piano Sheet Music

How do I play a piano grand staff interval piece piano sheet music with treble and bass clefs combined? Grand Staff Interval Piece Piano Sheet Music 1.  Watch the video below for a complete demonstration of the piano interval which can be applied to any other instrument. 2. Reading music is all about being able […]

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Music Intervals on Piano Keyboard

Music intervals on piano keyboard are the map to reading music. Look at the keyboard music example below.   Please focus on the two notes just above the “3rd”. Now you will learn how to read the distance between two notes in a sequence. Music Intervals on Piano Keyboard You can see that by moving […]

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