Music Rest Value Table

The music rest value table below includes the five most important notes and rests in western music notation.

music note value table

Music Rests

How to Count Music Beats Notes Rhythms

Besides music note symbols concerning notes,  another form of a music symbol are music rests.  They are an important part of learning to read music and play the piano or piano keyboard.

If you stop and really listen to the next song on the radio or soundtrack to a movie you will begin to hear the short or long pauses or silence (music rests)  that pop up frequently within the music.  As it turns out music rests are just as important as music notes.

For a complete review of the names of the notes use these printable free music flash cards for treble and bass clef notes

Count Music Rests

How to Count Music Beats Notes Rhythms

Count Music rests properly.   Be accurate for high quality music performance.  Pay particular attention when playing in an ensemble. If you ignore or leave out a rest then you will be at least one beat ahead or behind your musical partner.  This should be avoided at all costs by counting each music rest accurately.

Each music rest stands for a measured period of time filled with silence. Study the three basic types of music rests shown below. These are the three most common music rests in all of the music world.

Quarter Rest

A Quarter Rest is seen in above Music Rest Value Table.  It is the Wavy looking rest that gets one beat or count.

Half Rest

The Half Rest is a hat looking rest that sits on middle line and get two beats.

Whole Rest

The Whole Rest is a hat  looking rest that hangs from the line and gets four beats.

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How to Count Music Beats Notes Rhythms

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