Musical Interval of a Third

Music intervals are defined as the distance between any 2 notes on the music staff for any musical instrument.

Musical Interval of a Third

The musical interval of a third can be measured from one line note to another line note or from one space note to another space note on the music staff.

Whether you are learning to play the piano, keyboard, guitar, drums, violin, flute or any other musical instrument in the world that uses the western music system of reading notes on the grand staff,  Thirds with 1 3 5 in C Position Pianoare immensely important in your ability to read music.

Although many new music students think that reading music is all about learning the notes only, it is actually a matter of learning the distances between these notes.  The smallest interval in music in the 2nd moving from one note such a C to D.  The next largest music interval is the 3rd, such as moving from C to E on the piano keyboard.


Musical Interval of a Third

View the above video and then continue here learning about the musical interval of a third.
This is also referred to as a ‘Skip’ because we are actually skipping a note on
the piano when we play an interval of a third.

Learn to Read Music With Intervals

You can learn to read music with Intervals.  Recognizing distances of thirds can be identified easily because they reach from one line note to another line note. They can also be from one space note to another space note.

Practice Suggestions for Learning Thirds

Practice Suggestions for learning thirds include three ways:
1. Place your right hand in the C Position (RH thumb on Middle C)
2. Say the Letter Name of each note as you play (first note is E)
3. Play again and say ‘Skip Up’ or ‘Skip Down’ as the music

Reading Music Intervals on the Music Staff

Use the above diagram to learn more about reading  music intervals on the music staff beginning with the interval of a 2nd and progressing up to the music interval of and 8th or octave, each interval becomes larger as the name of that interval becomes larger.Musical Interval of a Third

The third, which is being studied on this web page is made up of 2 space notes right next to each other.  Two line notes right next to each other would also comprise an interval of a third.

Learn to recognize the music interval of a third on the piano keyboard above by following the arrows.  From C to E in an interval of a third.  The interval marked from E to G sharp is also a third.

There are further things to know above major and minor intervals which we will study as well on another page.  Just remember to visualize the music interval of a third by simply skipping one piano key and moving to the next as in the above example and you will have just moved up a third.

Please continue your study of music intervals here: Music Intervals on the Grand Staff.

Find easy piano arrangements of Music Interval Pieces for Easy Piano  here.  Each has a piano video tutorial as well.

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