Not Wanting to Practice Piano

Not Wanting to Practice Piano

Not wanting to practice piano? The 3 Hot Tips below are pure gold to revitalize the largest practice road blocks of all!

not wanting to practice pianoPerhaps it has been two weeks of not wanting to practice for yourself or for someone in your family.  You are either giving yourself a hard time about it or the parents are giving the piano student a hard time.

Although you don’t want lessons to go away, perhaps it would be great if just the piano practice part went away.  Are you doomed to fail?  Absolutely not.

Practice Every Single Day?

There is no rule anywhere that says you have to practice every single day.  Actually, there is no scientific proof that musicians who practice nonstop are better musicians or performers.  You can simple switch to a schedule with every Tuesday off, for example.

not wanting to practice pianoPerhaps you would feel more comfortable taking every third day off from practice.  Whatever you decide to do with the time table is up to you and designing your own customized piano practice schedule is what make the difference.

Learning New Piano Pieces is Hard

Learning new piano pieces IS hard if you try to tackle the entire piece all at one.  Follow the steps below and you will change your attitude quickly about eating an elephant one bit at a time.

1.  Break your piece into sections based on the different themes or melodies, i.e. Theme A, Theme B, Return of Theme A, etc.  Read about Color Coding Your Piano Practice Here.

2.  Practice only Theme A the first 2-3 days doing hands separately ENTIRELY until you feel comfortable enough to put hands together.

3.  Always practice very slowly (at least half the tempo required) for the first week. Use your metronome and build up your speed only 10-20 beats per minute per week.not wanting to practice piano

Example:  If your piece requires an Allegro tempo which is 80-120 clicks of the metronome per minutes, then set it for half of that tempo to begin your practice.  Gradually build up by +10 every several days.

 Repetition is Boring

Repetition IS BORING!  However, if you fine tune your ear to make every repetition a little better, you will soon find that this is not boring.  This is the making of a fine musician.Top 5 Piano Practice Tips(Opens in a new browser tab)

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