O Christmas Tree Easy Piano

O Christmas Tree Easy Piano is of German origin.  The song lyrics or words date back as far as 1550.  The German title is “O Tannenbaum’ and refers to a fir tree. The tree is praised for the evergreen branches which delight all every holiday season.

 Christmas Piano

You will enjoy playing O Christmas Tree Free Piano Music for the holidays.  T<img src="http://www.adultpianolesson.com/0-christmas-tree-easy-piano-sheet-music.jpg" width="150" height="150" alt="O Christmas Tree Easy Piano Sheet Music" title="O Christmas Tree Easy Piano Sheet Music"/>his is a Level One piece and is suitable for students who have had from six months to one year of piano training.

The excerpt below of  this Christmas carol is an arrangement written in the key of G Major.

There are only 3 beats in each measure with the first note, D, being played as the pick up note at the very beginning of the piece.

Left Hand Piano Notes

The left hand notes in the first measure are G, B and D and outline the G major chord.  This same pattern of notes is repeated 7 times throughout the piece.

The other left hand chord pattern is F sharp, C and D which outlines the D Major seventh chord and is repeated 5 times during the song.

Use the O Christmas Tree MIDI Sequence to listen to first as a very good ear training aid.

O Christmas Tree Easy Piano

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