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This Ode to Joy easy piano video tutorial can be easily learned in less than an hour.  It begins by demonstrating a simple repeated left hand pattern in the key of F Major with B flat.

Be sure to watch out for the dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note in the right hand occurring 3 times within the piece.

ode to joy easy piano video tutorial

Beginner Piano Sheet Music

Follow these piano practice tips for this  Ode To Joy beginner piano sheet music  for quickest results:

1.  First, place your right hand in the F position just above middle C with your 4th finger resting on B flat throughout the piece.  You will play B flat instead of  B for the duration of the piece because it is listed in the key signature just beside the treble and bass clef on the first measure.

2.  Next your left hand should place 2nd finger on the first F BELOW middle C and stay in that position throughout the whole piece.

3.  Please repeat watching the piano video tutorial of Ode to Joy several times.  Watch the right hand all the way through on the first run through.  Then watch the left hand all the way through the 2nd time.  This will give you a very good idea of the fingerings to use on each note as it is played.

4.Ode to Joy Easy Piano Sheet Music

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