Piano Beginners Should Learn Familiar Melodies First

Piano beginner should learn familiar melodies first.  This is because the brain is familiar with the melody.  Therefore, the hand tends to know where to go in a way that helps.piano beginners should learn familiar melodies first

Piano beginners should  learn familiar melodies which are already “in the ear” or familiar to you.

Free Beginner Piano Sheet

Click here for the Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music of Ode to Joy.

Here is a PIANO VIDEO TUTORIAL teaching the above Ode to Joy Piano Beginners Should Learn Familiar Melodies Firsteasy piano arrangement.

Beginner Piano Students

This is not a position I agree with. Most beginner piano students have no direct knowledge of classical music. hey may have.

They may like listening to it and the nice feeling they have in the process, like hearing it as a theme song from a movie or a TV jingle.

But those just beginning piano study will quickly find out that playing classical music is actually quite difficult. It’s a lot of work for them. It will be far harder than simpler folk songs or easy songs that they recognize.

Click here for the Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music of Fur Elise.

Piano Beginners Should Learn Familiar Melodies First

Familiar piano melodies first is a benefit.  Begin your piano study with melodies you have heard before.  You will find that you benefit the most from playing music you are already familiar with or can sing along with the tune. There are some great organic reasons for this in our brains.

By learning and performing piano music that you recognize, you will be able to take advantage of your ability to make sure you are recreating the sounds as they are stored in your brain.

How To Learn Piano 

Classical music is more complex than folk music.  You have not yet learned the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic components in music. This makes it harder to use your ear to check that what you are playing is correct.

Easy Piano Music for Beginners

Click here for the Easy Piano Music of Amazing Grace.

Click here for the Easy Piano  Music of Happy Birthday.

I have  found that beginner piano students of all ages learned at a much quicker rate this way.   Students learned faster by playing pieces already familiar to them.

Growing a solid foundation of musical piano skills is very important.  It is more important than trying a difficult piece only because it is considered “classical”.

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