Piano Chord Notes

The C piano chord is the most common chord in all of music. The C Major chord consists of three piano chord notes of C, E and G.  <img src="http://adultpianolesson.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/C Piano Chord.jpg" width="62" height="66" alt="Piano Chord Notes" title="Piano Chord Notes"/>

Piano Chord Notes

The c major piano chord notes above shows C at the bottom of the chord. The E note is in the middle of the chord. Finally,  the G note is stacked on top of this piano chord.

This chord is in “Root Position”.   Once the C is no longer on the bottom the chord it then becomes a chord INVERSION.

C Chord Piano

This c piano chord is the first chord learned in music.  C piano chords are often the accompaniment and played with the left hand.  A simple melody is usually played with the right hand and consists of a string of single notes. 

C piano chords contain the notes of C, E and G.   Find these same notes repeated is some arrangement in the right hand melody notes as well.  Piano chords in the left hand and the similar melody notes in the right hand create HARMONY in music.

Blocked Chords and Broken Chords

Play blocked chords with all notes played at the same time. Play broken chords with chord notes played separately.  Learn Blocked chords first. Beginner piano music includes mostly these.


Learn Broken chords next.  The best way to understand both blocked and broken chords is to view the piano video tutorial below for a complete but quick 2 minute demonstration.

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