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Piano Chords broken c majorPiano chords broken C Major explains piano chords broken into individual notes. A chord in music is the simultaneous sounding of two or three or more notes.

Piano Chords Broken C Major
These notes may or may not be played together.  An arpeggio is an example of a broken chord. A broken chord occurs when the notes are played separately but actually belong to the same chord.piano chords broken c major

The most commonly occurring chord is the 3 note triad. The most common chords are the major and minor chords.  Less common are the augmented and diminished chords.

So these “major”, “minor”, “augmented” and “diminished” terms for chords are often refer to their chord quality.  Both blocked chords and broken chords are easy to learn and contribute to music reading skills.

Blocked and Broken Chords

A Blocked Chord is usually placed directly below the melody notes on the strong beats.  This gives the impression of a strong harmonized sound, such as in hymns or barbershop music.  So blocked chords occur when all notes from the chord are played together at the same time.

A Broken Chord is a series of notes played consecutively that belong to a particular chord.  A good example of this is the arpeggio.  This is a broken chord pattern used in building piano technique.  Also it is used widely in both the classical and romantic period style.

C Piano Chord

The C Piano Chord  involves playing C, E and G all at the same time as a blocked chord.  So simply play these notes first in the right hand, then in the left hand as a blocked chord.

To play the C Piano Chord correctly, you need to place your hands on your keyboard or piano in the C Position.  Then place the right hand thumb on Middle C followed by 3 on E and 5 on G.  This creates the C Piano Blocked Chord.

Next, place your left Hand 5th finger on the first C below Middle C followed by left hand 3rd finger on E and thumb on G creating the C Piano Blocked chord with the left hand.

So just use fingers 1, 3 and 5 of each hand to press down all piano chord notes at the same time. Remember, if the stem on the piano chord is pointing upward that means the right hand is playing.

Similarly, if the stems on the piano chord are pointing downward that  means the left hand is playing the chord.

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