This handy piano chords chart download includes all 12 major chords, 12 minor chords, 12 seventh chords, 12 augmented chords  and 12 diminished chords on the piano.

Let’s begin with the C major chord.

All Major Chords on Piano

This piano chords chart (CLICK TO ENLARGE) illustrates all of the piano chord notes.

Piano Chords Chart Download for Any Musical Instrument

Red dots against a black and white keyboard background make great visuals.  This chart is a MUST HAVE  reference for any musician playing ANY musical instrument.

Piano Chord Notes

All of the piano chord notes for each of the 12 Major Chords, 12 Minor Chords, 12 Seventh Chords, 12 Augmented Chords and 12 Diminished Chords are included in this piano chords chart.  All chords are seen in root position with no inversions included.

To understand which exact notes are included in each chord takes a bit of study.  However, once you discover the pattern you will be able to quickly and easily recognize whether a chord is major, minor or otherwise.

Which 5 chords in the Key of C Major are most important to Learn?  How to Create Major, Minor, Diminished, Seventh and Augmented chords.

C Chord Piano

<img src="" width="62" height="66" alt="Piano Chords Chart Download" title="Piano Chords Chart Download"/>
C Major Chord

The C Chord is the beginning point for all other chords.  The important thing to remember as you begin your chord study is the distance between the notes on the C Major Chord.

From C to E is the distance of a major third or 4 half steps.  From E to G is the distance of a minor third or 3 half steps.

It is the size of these 2 intervals on each chord which is so important.  So you now understand chord qualities.  This allows us to name them either major, minor, diminished, seventh or augmented.

Jan Durrant

Jan Durrant is a Piano teacher and music publisher with a Master's Degree in Music Education. Her goal is teaching beginner piano students around the world to learn how to read music, play piano, piano finger exercises and simplified sheet music of their favorite titles.

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