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Piano Finger Exercise for Finger Independence

Piano Finger Exercise for Finger Independence is short and easy to learn.  However, the real key is daily repetition to build finger strength and well as independence and coordination.Piano Finger Exercise for Finger Independence

Please use the short video below as a springboard to other piano exercises that will provide more variety and make different fingers work harder on each different exercise.

Building Finger Independence

Explode your skill level by repeating these piano finger exercises in only 10 minutes per day!

Learn easy piano short piano finger exercises to develop finger strength and independence.


Daily Habits That Get Results

The reason to spend time practicing these short exercises for at least 5-10 minutes per day is simple.  Doing so will instantly create the finger strength and independence needed to take you to the next level in your piano playing. Top 5 Piano Finger Strength Exercises

To gain the maximum benefit, try to play on the tips on your fingers instead of on your finger pads.  Keep your shoulders, arms and wrists as relaxed as possible.  Next, simply draw your finger tips toward yourself with curved fingers as if holding a ball.

Piano Finger Exercise for Finger Independence


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