Piano for Beginner Where To Begin

Piano for BeginnerPiano for beginner where to begin lessons are a guideline for beginner piano students.  Learn these piano finger exercises and beginner piano songs and you will have a great start.

Piano for Beginner Where to Begin

The key is to find High Quality piano lessons, finger exercises and piano songs to learn.  They must be well written for the beginner piano student and provide all of the tools necessary for success.

Take a look at the piano learning resource links below in the order given for a quick start to your piano learning journey.

Beginner Piano Lessons

The most important beginner piano lessons to start with are learning the white piano keys C, D, E, F and G  and F, G, A, B on your piano or keyboard.

Next learn the music notes on the treble clef and the bass clef note names as they appear on the music staff.  Take the time to memorize the order of the white piano keys visually on your piano keyboard. Do this before you begin to study them music note names on the music staff.

Once you have a basic understanding of the piano keys and notes on the music staff you are ready to learn about music note values and how to count music.  Then after a quick piano video tutorial on how to count music you will be ready to learn your first beginner piano song.

Piano Finger Exercises

You are now ready to perk up your piano fingers with these 10 free videos.  Each video show you how to quickly learn and play a short exercise without even reading music.  You will love these.  Do these first and then you will be better prepared for the piano songs below.

Beginner Piano Songs

Read the music information above and view the piano video tutorials.  Then you will be ready to learn your very first beginner piano songs!  These 15 free beginner piano sheet music songs will have you playing within just a few minutes from now.

More Beginner Piano Lesson Links

Piano Music Note Names

Piano Video Tutorials for Beginner Students

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