Piano Keys Labeled A Tutorial

Would you like to see the piano keys labeled a tutorial in a video tutorial?  If so then this will take less than 2 minutes to learn once and for all.  Just like the regular alphabet theletter names on the piano keyboard are A,B,C,D,E,F and G!

Piano Keys Labeled a Tutorial

1. Look at your piano keys and notice that the black keys are arranged in two and three black note groups all the way up and down the keyboard. Simply remember to find the letter D in between each two black note group. Simple.

Then visualize the music alphabet on the piano keyboard.  It is exactly the same as the normal alphabet repeating itself over the full length of the keyboard.  D comes after C and before E. The same rule applies for the piano.

Piano Keys Labeled A Tutorial

Now that you know this please listen to the piano video tutorial below until this concept has been repeated for you at the very beginning. Then return for the next step.

2. Now that you have a handle of the two black note group white keys of C, D and E, let’s proceed to the three black note group keys.
Look at the three black note groups now and realize that the letters F and B surround each three black note group. Again, just like the normal alphabet, the letter names, in order from F up to B are F, G, A and B.

Since there are only 7 letters in the musical alphabet the A comes right after the G and just repeats those seven letter names again as you move upward to the right on any piano keyboard.  Moving downward on the keyboard the musical alphabet moves in reverse letter order.

 Music Note Names

Now that you are an expert at finding the music note names on the piano keyboard you should take another quick moment to put your knowledge into action.  Below you will find links to 4 different piano finger exercises.  Practice the C, D, E group and then the F, G, A, B  group.

The first piano keyboard music note exercise is the C D E Waltz which is a right hand exercise using C, D and E moving both forward and backward in the alphabet.  Play this exercise at least 3 times with the piano video tutorial.  Say the letter names as you play.

Your hand eye coordination and create a place in your brain for future reference.  The more times you practice this the better.

The second piano keyboard music note exercise is Learning Left Hand C D E which is a left hand exercise using C, D and E in the music alphabet.  Use the same practice technique as described in the previous paragraph for quick success in learning.

For your F, G, A B groups use the two exercises of F B A B Discovery for right hand and Fun With F G A B for left hand.

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