Piano Music Basics Rhythm Melody Harmony Chords

Links on this webpage connect with more information about piano music basics Rhythm Melody Harmony Chords. 

Additional links below connect with information about music notes, hand positions, finger exercises and easy piano music for beginners.

Piano Music Basics Hand Position

Good Hand Position
Learning The Black Key Groups
First Finger Exercises

Introduction To The White Keys

Treble Clef Note Names
Treble Clef Notes
Bass Clef Note Names
Bass Clef Notes

Learning The Note Names Of The White Keys

Basics Of Rhythm

Note Value Table
Rest Value Table
Half Note And Half Rest Holiday

What Is A Melody?

Making Your Own Melody
All About Intervals
Interval Of A Third
What Is Harmony?

Piano Music Basics Rhythm Melody Harmony Chords

The pieces below are written for beginner piano students.  They are easy to play 3 and 4 note piano exercises.  Each one focuses on either C, D, E or C, D, E, F, G.

C-D-E Waltz
Learning Left Hand C-D-E
F-G-A-B Discovery
Fun With F-G-A-B
White Keys C-D-E-F-G
Marching Patterns For Left Hand C Position
Interval Pieces

Grand Staff Intervals (2nds And 3rds)
Thirds With 1-3-5 (C Position)
Mixed Up Intervals In The C Position
I Know, Let’s Play Two Notes Together!
Challenge Pieces
The Can Can
Some Night Music

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