Piano Playing Effects on the Brain

Scientists believe piano playing effects on the brain are very positive.  These effects touch most pianists who start their practicing in childhood.  Piano Playing Effects on the Brain

They show more well developed nerve pathways in some parts of their brains.  They also believe that this results in a higher level of fine motor coordination.

So the bottom line is very positive for young people.  Engaging in the activity of piano practice helps their brains develop better.

A research group in Stockholm has also made a discovery about young piano students developing their brains.  They found younger students benefit more fully with piano practice than those starting piano study at a later age.

The Journal of Natural Neuroscience presents the findings summarized below.

Piano Playing Effects on the Brain

Again, piano playing effects on the brain research was organized around three different age groups.  Childhood, adolescence and adulthood piano practice effects on the white matter of the brain was investigated.  There were positive correlations found between piano practicing and fiber tract organization in different regions of the brain for each age group.

It was found that children’s piano practice resulted in more extensive correlations than the other two groups.  Also found was the formation of a pyramidal tract which was more structured in musicians than  in non-musicians brains.

Therefore, it can be concluded that long term piano training at critical brain development periods may cause regionally specific plasticity.   More myeliating (or nerve formation) tracts were formed in these regions.

The main finding of this study is a clear effect that can be attributed to piano practice in early childhood.  The pyramidal pathway is a group of nerve tracts that travel through the cerebral cortex.   The pyramid of the medulla oblongata in the brain stem to the spinal chord was enhanced.

This is the part of the brain which develops most during childhood.  It is also responsible for intricate and sophisticated finger movements.

For more information on piano playing brain effects read this.

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