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Piano Practice Tips for use on any musical instrument.

Piano practice


Energize your next practice session with these  6 piano tips on how to get more instantly out of your piano practice…..unlike the kitten, you will see better results immediately.

Begin your practice session with your favorite piece.
Start AND end you practice session with your favorite piece of music!  Then sprinkle your least favorites  in between your most well liked.
It may sound trivial but this is a great psychological tool…..kind of like eating dessert first..

Piano Practice Schedule
Sure, there may be times you cannot make your schedule.  However, along with your allotted time be sure to throw in other elements that you love.  For example, have a glass of wine on your piano or keyboard and sip as you play in the evening.  Or, if you are a morning person, bring your favorite coffee mug to place next to you.  It’s all about a comfortable environment.

Try these Top 5 Piano Practice Tips to get you going NOW!