Top 5 Piano Video Tutorials for Beginner Students

The Top 5 Piano Video Tutorials for Beginner Students are each a complete piano lesson. Each tutorial includes a full demo of the piece, scale, chord or subject matter begin taught.

Top 5 Piano Video Tutorials for Beginner Students

Watch these 5 tutorials in any order according to what music subjects you are interested in.

These music subjects include the following:

Note Names on the Piano Keyboard

Learn below the music note letter names and locations on the piano keyboard.  Treble clef and bass clef line and space notes are demonstrated. Great for the complete beginner


Learn How to Count Music

Get a jump start on how to count music here.  Learn all about quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes and whole notes. Pay particular attention to the skill of speaking the counts in every measure for best success.  Clapping and speaking counts together is a winning combination.

Learn How to Create Chords

Learn how to create chords of all kinds.  Get off to a fast start with major and minor chords.  Then progress to diminished chords, dominant seventh chords and augmented chords.  Find the most popular chord progression of C Major, G Major and F Major here.


Learn How to Play Piano Scales, Chords and Arpeggios

This is more of an early intermediate piano video tutorial  Learn the G major scale and arpeggio with the key signature of F Sharp.  Complete with all the fingerings and practice tips, this tutorial is a real winner.  Learn C, G, D, A, E, B and F Sharp Major scales here.


Learn Beginner Easy Piano Sheet Music

Below is the Moonlight Melody Easy Piano Sheet Music & Video Tutorial.  Listen to video once then play along hands separately 3 times.  Now you are ready to play the piece hands together slowly.  Use this method each time you learn a new piece for dynamic and satisfying results!

More Beginner Piano Student Links


5 Short Easy Piano Finger Exercises

Easy Piano Sheet Music for Beginners

7 Free Piano Lesson Videos for Beginners

These 7 Free Piano Lesson Videos for Beginners will get you started or keep you going.  These are great if you are just starting out or have already dipped your toe into the world of free piano lessons for adults.

7 Free Piano Lesson Videos for Beginners

Christmas Piano Music

Learn easy Christmas piano music arrangements such as Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger, Silent Night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and more.  Each piano video tutorial comes with a link to the free sheet music to print out and learn from your piano.

How to Count Music

Take the mystery out of how to count music by learning the basics of quarter notes, half notes and whole notes.

How to Read Music Notes on Piano

Learn about intervals or distances between notes on the music staff and you will learn how to read music notes on piano.

Piano Scales

All about piano scales and why they are so very important to your well rounded music education.

Music Note Names on Piano Keyboard7 Free Piano Lesson Videos for Beginners

Sheet Music for Piano

Piano Exercises for Beginners

Need something even more basic?  Not to worry.  The piano basics are ALL here.

Music Note Value Table

24 Hour Piano Learn 5 Easy Pieces in One Day

Top 5 Piano Finger Exercises Needed for Building Strength

These Top 5 Piano Finger Exercises Needed for Building Strength are very short, easy and fun to learn.  And you won’t even have to purchase any music to learn them.

Simply click on the video links below for a detailed piano video tutorial on each finger exercise.  Most exercises can be learned in about two minutes!

To gain the maximum benefit, try to play on the tips on your fingers instead of on your finger pads.  Keep your shoulders, arms and wrists relaxed and simply draw your finger tips toward yourself to assume the correct hand and finger position.

Top 5 Piano Finger Exercises Needed for Building StrengthTop 5 Piano Finger Exercises Needed for Building Strength

Piano Finger Exercise #7 in C Minor Below in the Video Tutorial

Practice Tips:

  1.  First of all place both hands in the C Hand Position.  Then place the third fingers of both hands on E flat to create the c minor Hand Position.

6. Piano Finger Exercise #1

7. Piano Finger Exercise #7 in C Minor (see piano video tutorial above for details)

8.Piano Finger Exercise #2

9.Piano Finger Exercise #3

10.Piano Finger Exercise #4

Continue your piano finger study and view piano finger exercises #1 through #5 here.

Piano Finger Exercise Links:

Easy Piano Finger Exercises With Note Names

5 Easy Piano Exercises Learned With Video Tutorial

Learn these 5 Easy Piano Exercises Learned With Video Tutorial in just a few minutes each.  These valuable exercises will quickly help you gain the finger strength.  Short and simple piano exercises are powerful. Plus learn these NOW without reading music!

5 Easy Piano Exercises Learned With Video Tutorial

The reason to spend time practicing these short exercises for at least 5-10 minutes per day is simple.  Doing so will instantly create the finger strength and independence needed to take you to the next level in your piano playing.

Are you frustrated with the jerky kind of motion your fingers? These simple 5 finger patterns in these 5 Easy Piano Exercises Video Tutorial are the solution to your problem.

You will see an quick improvement in your finger mobility within just a few days of practice.  Start with 3 repetitions of each exercise the first day.   Then work your way up to 10 repetitions of each exercise daily. By the end of the first week you will be amazed at your progress.

5 Easy Piano Exercises Learned with Video Tutorial

Taking a few minutes to learn just one of these short but effective 5 easy piano finger exercises will go far to strengthen your finger agility and independence.

Take a look at Piano Finger Exercise #1 below to get an idea of how easy and fast these are to learn.  Each exercise will be in the same C Hand Position and include only the notes of C, D, E, F and G.  These notes will just be in a different order in each exercise.

After you view the video tutorial below be sure to learn the other 4 short and easy piano finger exercises here.


Piano Lesson Links

Easy Piano Finger Exercises With Note Names

Piano Finger Exercises for Treble and Bass Clef Notes

Music Note Value Table



Love Me Tender Printable Piano Sheet Music

This easy arrangement of Love Me Tender printable piano sheet music is easy to learn. It is in the key of F Major with one flat in the key signature.

Love Me Tender Free Printable Piano Sheet Music

Notice that the left hand bass notes are mostly of F, G, C and F. These are exactly the same notes in both lines one and two.

Love Me Tender is in the key of F Major.  Play with B Flat throughout the entire piece.  The right hand begins in the C Position and stays there until the 3rd and 4th lines.

Love Me Tender Music HistoryLove Me Tender Printable Piano Sheet Music

The Love Me Tender music history, originally entitled “Aura Lee”,  was written in 1861 as a civil war song with words by W. W. Fosdick and music by George Poulton.  Elvis Presley performed Love Me Tender on the Ed Sullivan show in September of 1956 to promote the movie with the same title.  The following day over 1 million advanced orders were made for the record, making it a gold record before it was ever released.

Love Me Tender Video Tutorial

The Love Me Tender video tutorial on the left explains the exact music of Love Me Tender seen in the small note version below.

Love Me Tender Printable Piano Sheet Music

Enjoy learning to play Love Me Tender Printable Piano Sheet Music.  Now you are ready to take a look at more piano sheet music that is arranged for the beginner piano student.

Remember to watch the piano video tutorial first.  Then play along with right hand until you are comfortable with it.  Lastly add the left hand.  Following this process is the quickest path to learning each new piece.

Check out these other highly desirable arrangements of printable piano sheet music:

Morning Has Broken

Happy Birthday

15 Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music

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