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Pianos Everywhere Are They Being Played?

Pianos Everywhere Are They Being Played?  What is the reason there so many unused and unplayed pianos in the U.S?  “Why are there so many unplayed pianos in the United States?

Pianos Everywhere Are They Being Played
Pianos Everywhere Are They Being Played?

That’s the question composer and professional piano instructor Edward Weiss is asking. It’s not just they are abundant but it is also that they are just taking up living room space.  The number of unused electronic keyboards is just as staggering.

Edward Weiss Piano Teacher

Edward Weiss has been teaching people the joy of playing piano for well over 15 years, and he’s come up with his own reasons why vast numbers of these musical instruments are just gathering dust.

“The way I see it is that adults purchase pianos thinking they’ll go the classical route, and then give up because it’s just not satisfying. With electronic keyboards, they’re either given as gifts or aspiring young musicians soon lose interest and go on to other pursuits (like dating)!”

Are Piano Lessons Still Popular?

“Learning to play the piano becomes like work, not the pleasurable pastime people
thought it was going to be. Plus, let’s face it: Private piano instruction isn’t cheap!”
However, Edward has come up with his own novel solution.  Just teaching New Age Piano Improvisation over the internet.

New Age Piano Style

<img src=" piano.jpg" alt="pianos everywhere">“The New Age style is perfect for anyone just wanting to have fun and make beautiful music.  I can whole-heartedly promise this: With my methods, I can have anyone both playing and composing their own piano music in less than 30 days. And since everything is online, the cost is just small pocket change a day.  So that’s less than a price of a single donut or cup of coffee.”

Edward’s method is enthusiastically endorsed by one of the grand masters of New Age Music – David Lanz, a Grammy nominated pianist with multiple platinum albums to his credit.

Pianos Culture

By simply going online, all your lessons are presented in easy to follow, frustration proof videos. You just look, listen and learn.  Then before you know it, you’re playing and composing music on your own.

So if you’re one of the 20 million whose pianos are being used as flower stands, take off those vases, dust off the keyboard and start making music… today!

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