This piano tutorial teaches how to Play Amazing Grace Without Reading Music Tutorial.  This is an arrangement played on all white keys with the right hand.  The left hand only plays 3 different notes throughout the entire piece which are C, F and B flat.

If you are just beginning to learn piano notes and searching for a way to play amazing grace hymn without reading music then this piano tutorial is exactly what you have been looking for..

Using a simple right hand melody and a single note in the left hand makes playing Amazing Grace quickly very possible.  This beginner music sheet is appropriate for beginner pianists.

Amazing Grace Free Piano Music

Beginner Sheet Music Practice Tips for Amazing Grace

1.  Place your left hand 5th finger on Bass B-flat (2nd B-flat below middle C). Hot Tip!  Play your left hand along with the piano video tutorial first several times before adding the right hand melody.

2.  For the right hand melody place your right hand 1st finger (thumb) on middle C.  For a picture of the right hand C position on piano go here.Play Amazing Grace Without Reading Music Tutorial

3.  Your left hand remains in the same position throughout the piece.  Play only the notes C, F or B flat with your left hand. However, your right hand will have to move upward several times as demonstrated in the piano tutorial.

4.  After you become comfortable with the notes adding pedal will enhance the sound of the piece.  Simply press the right pedal (damper pedal) down on the first beat of the 2nd measure.  After that just pedal on every first beat of each measure.  Keep it simple.

Learning the right hand piano notes for Amazing Grace is very easy without reading any music after viewing the above video.  Use the words/notes below as your guide.

Follow the RIGHT HAND letter name notes BELOW each word

.                           Amazing       Grace     how     sweet     the     sound

Right Hand       C F  A F          A            G            F           D          C

…………………..That      saved         a         wretch     like      me

RH                 C             F            AF           A           G         Tr C (Treble C just above Middle C)

…………………I      once     was     lost     but    now    am     found

RH            A      TrC        AF       A       G        F       D        MidC  (Middle C)

……………………Was       blind     but      now     I       see

RH                  MidC        F         AF       A        G         F

Learning the Left Hand Piano Notes for Amazing Grace

You will find learning the left hand piano notes for Amazing Grace very simple.  Play only C,  F or  B flat in the left hand.

Amazing Grace Free Piano Music

Most of the time you will be playing Bass F (the first F below middle C).  Again, go back to the top of this post and play along with the left hand only several times before you add the right hand for the highest level of success.

Easy Piano Music for Beginners

You will find dozens of sites on the internet that offer some easy piano music for beginners.  However, few places on the internet rival this one by offering  BOTH free easy piano sheet music AND a high quality video tutorials with step by step instructions as well.

Please check out the following easy piano sheet music to add to your free download list of beginner piano sheet music.  Learn these pieces quickly and easily and be proud to perform for family and friends.

Adult Piano Lesson Links

Amazing Grace Free Piano Music

Beginner Piano Sheet Music

Jan Durrant

Jan Durrant is a Piano teacher and music publisher with a Master's Degree in Music Education. Her goal is teaching beginner piano students around the world to learn how to read music, play piano, piano finger exercises and simplified sheet music of their favorite titles.

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