Play C Major Scale Piano Right Hand 3 Steps

Play C Major Scale Piano right hand 3 Steps is great for beginner piano students.

Play C Scale Piano Right Hand 3 Steps

Learn to play this scale on piano with your right hand quickly in just 3 easy steps. This tutorial is complete with fingerings, note names and just enough to keep it simple.

C Scale Piano 3 Steps

  1.  Play along with tutorial right hand fingering 1 2 3  1 2 3 4 5.  Simply play this fingering in reverse to descend the scale.
  2. The note names for the scale are in order C D E F G A B C.
  3. Play right hand along with video 5 times daily or more for fast results.

How To Read Music Now

Interested in how to Discover the #1 Secret to READING MUSIC?  The information on distances between notes or INTERVALS is vital to your music reading progress.

Learn Major Scales Piano

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  • Looking for more tutorials on PIANO SCALES?  Find ALL major sharp scale from C Major to C Sharp Major by clicking on the link above.  All fingerings, video demos and more are included.

Use Music Flash Cards

  • Music Flash Cards Freeplay c major scale piano right hand 3 steps
  • Find a complete set of MUSIC FLASH CARDS to learn your music note names quickly and easily with this great tool.  Simply point and click to print out these handy little flash cards on your own printer.

Music Note Value Table

  • Music Note Values Table
  • Make your MUSIC NOTE VALUES learning as easy as possible with this great little visual.  Learn quarter note and rest, half note and rest and whole note and rest values, all in one easy place to bookmark for later reference.

Play C Major Scale Piano Right HandPlay C Major Scale Piano Right Hand 3 Steps

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