Quarter Note Symbol in Music

The quarter note symbol in music stands for the duration of one beat of sound.  Since this website is about piano learning resources I will refer to one beat of sound on the piano keyboard.

h down one key on the piano for as long as it takes you to speak the word “one”.   You have now played a quarter note successfully.

Quarter Note Symbol in Music

Look at the quarter note symbol in music below.  This note has a round note head with a stem that points either upward or downward.

The stem on the quarter note points upward on the right if the note head is on the middle line or lower on the music staff.  The stem points downward on the left if the note head is on or above the middle line of the staff.

Quarter Note Symbol in Music

Piano Songs with Quarter Notes

First, listen to a piano song with quarter notes in it.  Then play a piano finger exercise with quarter notes.

Easy Piano Sheet Music to Print

The Ode to Joy Easy Piano Sheet Music is a great example of the repeated use of quarter notes.  The first 3 measures of the right hand of each line in this easy piano version of Ode to Joy consists of only quarter notes.  Listen to the piano video tutorial of this Ode to Joy free piano sheet music to hear the repeated one beat note pattern.

Another great example of piano songs with quarter notes is the Love Me Tender Printable piano sheet music.  The Love Me Tender page allows you to listen and watch the sheet music at the same time.

Piano Finger Exercises with Quarter Notes

Find easy piano finger exercises with quarter notes that do not require reading music.

These free piano exercises for beginners can be learned in 2 minutes or less with the use of these highly popular and effective piano video tutorials.

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