Read Music By Interval Any Instrument

No need to languish over memorizing note names on the music staff.  You are about to learn to read music by interval any instrument.

Music Intervals of 2nd and 3rd

Reading music intervals of 2nd and 3rd is simple to learn.   The second, also called a 2nd is the smallest distance between 2 notes.

The third, 3rd on the music staff is the next largest interval.  Watch the music interval piano video tutorial below and you will see it clearly.

Read Music By Interval Any Instrument

Grand staff music intervals represent different distances between notes on the piano keyboard, guitar, violin or whatever musical instrument you are learning to play.

Music Intervals on the Music Staff

Music intervals on the music staff are shown in the graphic below.  It is called a 2nd because it is moving from one line note to the very next space note on the music staff.

This music interval of a 2nd would be played by simply moving from one white key to the next on the piano keyboard.

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