Scarborough Fair Piano Sheet Music

This simplified piano arrangement of Scarborough Fair Piano Sheet Music is in the key of d minor.

It has only one flat in the key signature which if B flat.  Notice also that the time signature is 3/4 time.

scarborough fair piano sheet music

Scarborough Fair Piano Sheet Music

Scarborough Fair Piano Practice Tips

  1.  The right hand begins with the thumb on the D just above Middle C.
  2.   The left hand begins with the 5th finger (pinky) on B flat just below Bass C (which is 8 notes below middle C).

3.  Notice that ALL left hand notes are dotted half notes. scarborough fair piano sheet music  Each one of these dotted half notes gets 3 counts or beats.

4.  There is a right hand position change in measure 5.  Place the 2nd finger on A and keep it there through measure 10.   At measure 11 place the hand back in the D position until the end of the piece.

5. Practice the right hand separately 5 or 6 times until you are comfortable with the hand position change within the piece.  This will assure quicker success when placing hands together.

Time Signature Tips

There are 3 beats in every measure in this piece of music.  The 3/4 time signature symbol means there are three beats per measure and that the quarter note receives one beat.

This time signature is often referred to as a waltz tempo.

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