Selecting the Best Place To Learn Piano In Your Home

Selecting the best place to learn piano in your home is easy to determine. Make sure that you are not within listening range of the

Selecting the Best Place to Learn Piano in Your Home

Even if you are used to ‘watching TV with your ears’ while you do other things, it will definitely be a roadblock to your learning to Play Piano Now!

Learn Piano

Also, make sure that you can sit down at your piano or keyboard comfortably. If you have a piano and a bench which came
with it when you bought it, then you are in great shape.

Selecting the Best Place to Learn Piano in Your Home
Seating at a keyboard can prove a little more difficult. Just make sure
that you are not reaching too high up or stooping down too low for the

Proper Posture at the Piano

Finding a chair that is the right height is the key. The right
height chair will allow your arms to be at an almost perfect right angle
(45 degree) from your body to the keyboard. Don’t worry too much
about this.Selecting the Best Place to Learn Piano in Your Home

If you have the wrong height of chair your back will start
screaming at you to change your position!!! Please make any
adjustments to keep your back straight and your arms at a 45 degree
angle and you will be able to enjoy hours of music in one seating.

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