Seven Stars From Heaven Piano Sheet Music

Seven Stars From Heaven piano sheet music is written for the Level One music reader.  Multiple practice tips allow learning quickly and easily.  Use the piano video tutorial piano practice tips below for best results..

Learn and Play Facts

  •  You are in the key of a minor so there are no sharps or flats in the key signature.  However, there is a G-sharp written in within the piece.
  • Do not include the G-sharp throughout the piece as an accidental.  An accidental is a sharp or flat that is written in only next to the note being affected.
  •  Plan to learn left hand broken chord patterns first and be able to change from one broken chord to another  before you add the melody.
  • Cut your learning time by at least half by learning left hand separately!  For more Piano Practice Tips click here.

Seven Stars From Heaven Piano Sheet Music Video Tutorial PLEASE CLICK HERE

5 Piano Practice Tips

  1. In this beginner music sheet here are 4 broken chords repeated over and over again in the left hand. You can master playing the Seven Stars from Heaven by learning the 4 LEFT HAND broken chord patterns below.Seven Stars From Heaven Piano Sheet Music2.

2. The a minor broken chord notes are A, C and E.  These left hand notes occur in measures 2-3 and again in measures 12-13.

3. The F Major broken chord notes are F, A and C.  These left hand notes can be found in measures 5-6 and again in measures 15-16.

4. The d minor broken chord notes are d, f and a.  These left hand notes are found in measures 7-8 and again in measures 17-18.

5. The E Major broken chord notes are E, G-Sharp and B.  This left hand broken chord pattern occurs ONLY in measure 19.

It is essential that you practice along with the piano video tutorial located at the top of this page to assure note and rhythm accuracy.  This suggestion may seem trite and unimportant.  However, he who hears learns most quickly.

Piano for Beginner

As you are progressing in your piano studies you will feel more confident to play a little bit more challenging easy piano sheet music.  I would like to make it very easy for you to find such free sheet music arranged for piano for beginner.

Look for the following criteria in searching the internet in the Piano for Beginner Category:

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