Silent Night Easy Piano Sheet Music

Ring in the Christmas holidays with the Silent Night easy piano sheet music complete with left hand chord symbols.  Download your Free copy of the Silent Night piano tabs first.  Then you will find suggestions for several different ways to perform this wonderful Christmas classic.silent night easy piano sheet music

You can either simply play the right hand melody along with the left hand chord indicated on the sheet music as a piano solo OR you can use a broken chord pattern in the left hand as you play the given melody.

  As a variation on playing the left hand as a broken chord pattern you can play the bass note or root of each chord (simply meaning the bottom note of the chord indicated) on the first beat and the other 2 chord notes on beats 2 and 3 all the way through this fun beginner piano music.

Free Easy Piano Sheet Music of Silent Night

Silent Night Piano Tabs

Silent Night Piano Tabs Sheet Music – Print Here
Use these quick and easy Piano Practice Tips to learn to play this easy piano arrangement of Silent Night in a flash:

1.  Notice that you in the key of C Major.  There are no sharps or flats within the piece.  Very easy stuff.  For a quick music note value review check this out.Joy to the World Free Easy Piano Sheet Music

2.  Make sure that you correctly counting the dotted quarter note pattern followed by one eighth note and one quarter note.  Count it like this:  Say 1+2 on the dotted quarter note, say + on the eighth note and then say 3 on the quarter note.  This particular rhythmic pattern occurs on measures 1, 3, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 21 and 22 within the music that you can download from the above link.

3.  Be sure to hold each dotted half note 3 whole beats.  If you are accompanying a vocalist this is very important so that you stay together for the duration of the entire easy piano version of Silent

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