Simple Piano Arrangements Key of C Major Video Tutorials

Take a look at the list of simple piano arrangements key of C major video tutorials below. They are sorted for you automatically with easy piano pieces first, medium pieces second and difficult pieces third.

Easy Piano Pieces

The first two easy piano pieces below have the music note letter names beside each note for quick learning.  The third piece is easy to play.  Therefore you can read the music notes with your own skills.
Simple Piano Arrangements Key of C Major Video Tutorials

1.  Morning Has Broken Piano Music With Letters in Notes

2.  How Great Thou Art Piano Music With Letters

3.  Ode to Joy

Medium Level Piano Pieces

The first medium level piano piece below is a Christmas piano song but well suited for this level of piano playing.  Note the dotted quarter note in the right hand of the first measure and then let your ear serve you well as you navigate through the piece.

1.  Deck the Halls Free Piano Sheet Music

2.  How Great Thou Art

Difficult Level Piano Pieces

The next difficult level piano pieces are in this category because of the accidentals (sharps and flats) throughout as well as the continuous left hand chord patterns in The Can Can.

1.  America, the Beautiful Piano Sheet Music

2.  The Can Can Free Easy Piano Sheet Music and Piano Video Tutorial

The two pieces below are also Simple Piano Arrangements Key of C Major Video Tutorials. They are in the keys of D Major and B Flat Major.

These 2 more challenging pieces have been included here for those who need something more in the advanced level of piano difficulty.

3.  Canon in D

4.  Minuet in B Flat Major

Adult Piano Lesson Links

Access and review the music note value table

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