Some Night Music Easy Piano Sheet

Some Night Music Easy Piano Sheet is a Mozart classic favorite.  The English title translation of the Mozart piece Eine Kleine Nachtmusik  is Some Night Music.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Easy Piano



Beginner Arrangement A – See Bottom of this page

Intermediate Arrangement B – See right below this paragraph

Intermediate Arrangement B Sheet Music:

Sheet Music for Some Night Music (Eine Kleine Nacht Musik) 

Some Night Music Easy Piano Sheet Music

Notice the first measure begins with a dotted half note and that gets 3 counts.  As far as easy piano music arrangements go this particular Mozart arrangement is a little tricky.  It is in the key of G Major.  It does move outside of the G Major hand position.some night music easy piano sheet

This shift out of the G Major position occurs first in measure #3.  The best thing to do is to write in the finger numbers.  Make sure they are comfortable for you.  Then stick with that same fingering each time you play this particular few measures.  Your brain will quickly adapt if you use the same fingering each time.

Some Night Music Easy Piano Sheet Practice Tips

The next of the piano practice tips is to observe and count out the half note tied to a quarter note beginning at the end of the second line and continuing throughout the piece.  Each one of these tied notes receives 3 beats in total.  Although this sounds easy, be sure the tied note carries over to the first beat of the next measure each time.

Be careful here because it is not what you would expect for rhythm in a beginner piano piece.  Make this tied pattern easy by practicing right hand separately as many times as needed to feel comfortable and then practice along with the piano video tutorial.

Beginner Music Sheet

Beginner music sheet can be deceiving.  Notice how the dot is used in the first measure right and left hands.  The dot is placed BESIDE the note on the dotted half note.  Any time a dot is placed beside a note it makes that note longer.  In Some Night Music Easy Piano Sheet the dot adds another half of the notes value to the total note value.

On the last beat of the first measure of the beginner piano sheet music there is a dot ABOVE  the note which means that the note is a STACCATO, which means it is to be played as short as possible.

At the end of the second line the left hand G Major blocked chords begin.  These chords are the G Major I chord and the G Major V7 chord and they are repeated throughout the piece.  These are probably the easiest part of Some Night Music as well as the most fun to play.

Some Night Music Add Music Voicing

Make sure to add the music VOICING.  Voicing refers to bringing out the melody line and making every other note besides the melody softer and underneath it in volume.

Since the left hand has a lot of heavy three note chords and the right hand has only ONE melody note you will have to make a special effort to soften the left hand and make the right hand melody line a little louder.

Some Night Music Easy Piano Sheet

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