How Do I Count Music?

How do I count music?   It is possible to count music successfully in the next few minutes. It is a simple process to read and perform music beats.  Learn the quarter note and quarter rest quickly and easily.  Each lasts a very specific length of time. Basic Note Values     Count Music Beats […]

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All Seven Flat Key Signatures

6 Piano Major Sharp Scales Tutorial

Learn 6 piano major sharp scales tutorial here.  These one octave must know music scales include fingering and key signature details. Piano Scales Arpeggios Tutorials G Major Scale and Arpeggio  The G Major Scale and Arpeggio key signature includes only one sharp which is F Sharp. Right hand scale fingering is 1 2 3 1 […]

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Top 3 Music Theory Worksheet Sites

These are my favorite top 3 music theory worksheet sites.  They deliver valuable content in professionally written and free to print music theory resources. Whether you are in a private music studio or a classroom teaching environment you will find more than you can imagine here and should bookmark each page. Start with the first […]

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12 Major Chords in Music

12 Major Chords In Music

12 Major Chords in Music There are 12 major chords in music.  These chords include the same exact note names if learning piano, keyboard, guitar, violin or any other musical instrument. Major chords are simply made up of  the 1st, 3rd, and 5th notes of any given major scale. The other 9 most often used Major […]

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