Testimonials from Piano Students

Adult Piano Lesson Testimonials

These beginner piano student testimonials reveal the type of success experienced by using the abundance of free beginner piano lessons, video tutorials, easy piano sheet music and music theory worksheets on this rich music learning content site.

Beginner Piano Student Success Stories


“I received a great Christmas Gift this year from my wife and it was the beginning piano course by Jan Durrant, “Play Piano Now”.  This course was very easy to use and I am now enjoying my life long dream of learning the piano.  This course is excellent with an easy page by page progression in learning the piano keyboard and simple music theory.  Even if you have never taken any music courses in school you can learn with this course.  The tutorials that are included in the course helps with each lesson, with a sample of what the music score you are learning should sound like, with an introduction to each piece by Jan.  I have completed the beginning book and look forward to the next progression in the series.  Thanks Jan for helping me achieve my life long desire of learning the piano.”    Bill, Citrus Heights, CA

 “I will recommend this course to anyone wanting to be able to play piano in a matter of months.  After 3 months of regularly practicing, I am able to play several music pieces with confidence.  Thank you Jan Durrant, God bless you.”    Manuel, London-UK

“My wife and I really enjoyed the way you put your music course together.  You covered everything from the basics or reading music to very helpful suggestions on how to practice playing the piano successfully.  I am having a great time with my MIDI Keyboard hooked up to my computer along with my upright grand piano.  I am glad to see that you offered the course in multiple formats.  And now you have made things even better by adding the DVD along with your already present support!  Out of all the music courses I looked at out there, I’m sure glad we picked your course over all the rest to get us on our way to enjoying playing the best instrument of all, the piano & keyboard!  Music will never die!!!”  Rick & Steffanie Linnabary, Wichita, KS, USA

“I’m very proud of  how far I have come in a few weeks and I only have Jan to thank for it!  The book and DVD are very easy to follow.  I was able to go through the course quicker than I thought, but what I really enjoy are the challenge pieces at the end.  They definitely are a challenge for a beginner like me.  I feel a great sense of pride each time I accomplish one of these pieces!  I can’t wait to get started on the next level.  I highly recommend the Play Piano Now Course.”  Charlene

“I was thrilled when I received my Play Piano Now course.  I am finally learning to read music and play the piano after only a short time with Jan’s great course.  It’s simple and easy to understand and fun to work with.  The CD is very helpful in learning quickly.  I strongly recommend it to anyone, no matter what age.  Thank you, Jan, for making my dream, too, come true.”  Bob Pilon, Ontario, Canada