Thirds with 1 3 5 in C Position Piano

Thirds with 1 3 5 in C position piano focuses on the interval of a third.   Learn to recognize a third on the grand music staff.  This will help you learn to read music for any musical instrument.

Thirds with 1 3 5 in C Position Piano

The 1 3 5 refers to the right hand thumb, 3rd and 5th fingers.  Those fingers play the C Major chord in the C position.  See Video.

For more basic information on how to read music by interval on any instrument you should look here.


 Piano Practice Tips

  1.  All notes in this exercise are half notes.  They each receive 2 beats each.  Be sure to count 1, 2 on each note.
  2. Keep your right hand in the same C position throughout the piece.
  3. Notice all notes in this piece are line notes.  Moving from one line note to another is always the interval or distance of a 3rd.
  4. Take your time with this piece and enjoy learning it.  It is a very simple piece to learn.
  5. DO NOT skip the part of whisper counting 1.2 on each half note.  This really programs your brain to internalize this note value forever.


Thirds with 1 3 5 in C Position Piano

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