Top 4 Reasons NOT to Practice Piano

Top 4 Reasons Not to Practice Piano are very common.  Are you a frustrated pianist?  Have ever sat down staring at your piano hoping that your hands would automatically begin top 4 reasons not to practice pianopracticing?

If so, then you here you will find some great piano practice solutions!

Top 4 reasons not to practice piano

The 4 reasons not to practice piano below are just the tip of the iceburg  Please learn to laugh at yourself as you go through a rough patch with practice motivation.

You may find yourself actually sitting at the piano a lot just waiting to gain the motivation to play the first key.  Perhaps you will become inspired.  Then the telephone rings, you remember to take the clothes out of the dryer or maybe you feel a strong pull for a snack in the kitchen.

Piano Practice Don’t Get Bored Like the Kittenpiano practice don't get bored like the kitten

Piano practice boredom is the #1 reason students fall off on their practice schedules.  Click on the link above for even more piano practice tips and solutions.

Piano Practice

You really MUST click on the link below for an absolutely hilarious animated look at someone avoiding piano practice just before a recital.  You will relate to the procrastination and, hopefully, you will laugh out loud as you view this all too familiar litany of excuses not to practice.

Top 4 Reasons NOT To Practice Piano

1. You need to have a drink of water first.

2.  You must have a snack first.

3.  You have decided you are too tired to practice right now..

4.  Yesterday when you practiced piano it seemed hard to do.

Piano Practice Tips

These top 5 piano practice tips will actually throw you into action with each great suggestion.  Included in the 5 tips you will find great ideas about chaining, visualizing and avoiding practice traps.

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