Top 5 Piano Training Tips

Are you frustrated with piano practice?  These Top 5 Piano Training Tips are extremely effective and will give you a leg up on the usual practice session.Top 5 Tips for Piano Keyboard Training

Start with just one tip below for best results.

Piano Practice Tips

1.  Record yourself with cell phone or video recorder.

There is NO other method that allows you to see your posture, overall presentation and musical performance as well as this method.

2.  Know your key signature (sharps and flats), dynamics (loud and soft) and tempo (speed).

It helps to play the scale for each piece before beginning practice.

3.  Choose from one of 3 extremely effective methods:   metronome, chaining and visualizing.

Click the link above to learn more of this POWERFUL tip.

4.  Use this “Hot Spot” practice technique to get over the bumpy spots.

Isolate Practicing Hot or Trouble spots for great results.

5.  This Slow Practice Gem yields massive and fast results on overall performance.

Set your metronome at half the speed you are shooting for.  Practice hands separately at the slower tempo once daily for 3 days before putting hands back together.  Bingo!  Piano Passage Solved!

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