Treble Bass Clef Notes in Music

Treble Bass Clef Notes in Music

You can easily learn the treble bass clef notes in music.  Whether you are playing the piano keyboard or guitar, the note names are the same on the music staff.

Having trouble remembering the sequence of the notes above?  Don’t worry!  After you read this page and watch the short piano tutorial below you will have what it takes to remember this simple note naming system.

Begin with the treble clef notes first and secure them to your memory.  Learn a few right hand piano pieces with the treble clef notes to start off and get your confidence in high gear.

Treble Bass Clef Notes in Music

Treble clef notes in music consist of 5 line notes and 4 space notes.  As seen in the graphic above the treble clef line notes are E, G, B, D and F.  Use this sentence to remember them:  Every Good Boy Does Fine.

Remember to start on the bottom line or space when memorizing these note names.

The treble clef space notes are F, A, C and E.  Remember that these spell the word FACE.

Bass Clef Note Names

Next go to the bass clef notes on the music staff.  These notes are played with the left hand and will add harmony to your already learned right hand melodies.

The bass clef line notes also contain 5 lines and 4 spaces.  The bass clef line notes from the bottom up are G, B, D, F and A.  Remember these with Good Boys Do Fine Always.

The bass clef space notes are A, C, E and G.  Remember them with All Cars Eat Gas OR All Cows Eat Grass.

Piano Tutorial on Treble and Bass Clef Notes

Be sure to watch the piano tutorial on treble and bass clef notes below.


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