Treble Clef Notes Music

 Learning the treble clef notes music should immediately follow learning the treble clef line notes.

treble clef notes in music

The treble clef line notes from bottom to top are E G B D F.

The treble clef space notes from bottom to top are F A C E.

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Treble Clef Notes Music

Space notes on the treble clef are F A C E.  Both treble clef and bass clef notes are easy to remember using these 2 simple steps:

1.  Memorize the word “FACE” and begin on the bottom space note of the treble clef moving upward as you say each letter.

2.  Go to your piano or keyboard and find any 3 black note group.  The “F” note is always located directed to the left of each 3 black note group.  After you have found each “F” then simply skip a note moving upward or to the right and find all of the “A” piano keys.

As you do the same with each “C” and “E” you will begin to notice the treble clef space note skipping pattern emerging.  This simply means that the space notes on a treble clef are all a “skip”or a “3rd” apart.

Be sure to learn more about the musical interval of a 3rd or third after reading this page.

treble clef notes in music

Treble Clef Notes in Music

Notice the space note “D” at the end of the line above.  It is also a space note but is located right below the bottom line note of the treble clef.  By simply remembering “D F A C E” you know can reach a farther span on your piano or keyboard to read music.

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