Use Curved Fingers At The Keyboard Piano

Use Curved Fingers at the Keyboard Piano.  Are you playing with flat fingers when playing a piece of music?

Playing on the tips of the fingers gives the hands more strength for playing individual notes and piano chords.

use curved fingers at the keyboard piano

Piano Technique

You must use the correct hand position on piano.  This very important piano technique simply means to try and play on the finger tips instead of on the finger pads.

use curved fingers at the piano keyboard

How do you do this?  Look at the graphic above.  Keep the fingers relaxed while slightly rounding them.  Act as if holding a soft ball in the palm of each hand.

Hold the ball gently and keep your arms and hands as relaxed as possible while playing.  This will prevent arm injury after hours of practice later on.

Correct Hand Position at the Piano Keyboard

Please look at more correct hand positions on the piano keyboard for the C Major, G Major and F Major positions.

Notice the use of curved fingers at the keyboard piano below.

use curved fingers at the keyboard piano

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