We Wish You Merry Christmas Easy Piano

We Wish You Merry Christmas easy piano music can be learned in one hour or less.

Find the free beginner sheet music along with a piano video tutorial.  This easy piano sheet music includes practice tips and performance demo to increase your learning curve tremendously.Silent Night Free Easy Piano Music

We Wish You Merry Christmas Easy Piano


We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We Wish You a Merry Christmas 3 Easy Piano Practice Tips:

1. The starting hand position for this piece is Middle C position with both thumbs sharing Middle C throughout the piece.

You will only be using fingers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in each hand during the song.  Also note fingering in measures 7 and 12.  Your left hand thumb will be reaching one note above middle C to play the D next to middle C.

It is perfectly fine to use the right hand to play the D above middle C.  Do what makes sense and is comfortable for you.

We Wish You Merry Christmas Easy Piano Time Signature

2.  Notice that this easy piano piece has a time signature of 3/4.  It includes one pickup note or beat at the very beginning.  This note is bass clef G located just below middle C.

The correct way to count this pickup note is to say “3” on the first note (bass G). Then start your count over with 1 on the first beat of the next measure and every measure following that.

We Wish You Merry Christmas Easy Piano Notes

3.  Remember that in this beginner piano sheet all the notes with stems pointing upward are played with the right hand and notes with stems pointing downward are played with the left hand.